The 1st Ivor Novello Awards were presented by the Songwriters Guild of Great Britain and sponsored by Joseph Fenston; the ceremony was broadcast on BBC Television on 11th March 1956 from the Theatre Royal, Dury Lane, London

The Year’s Most Popular Song

A Blossom Fell
Written by Howard Barnes, Harold Cornelius and Dominic John
Published by Sydney Bron and John Fields

Ev’rywhere – WINNER
Written by Tolchard Evans and Jack Fishman
Published by Sydney Bron

The Year’s Outstanding Popular Song

Man In A Raincoat
Written by Warwick Webster
Published by Peter Maurice

In Love For The Very First Time – WINNER
Written by Paddy Roberts and Jack Woodman
Published by Essex Music

The Year’s Outstanding Comedy Song

Got’n Idea – WINNER
Written by Paddy Roberts and Jack Woodman
Published by Ascherberg

The Income Tax Collector
Written by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
Published by Chappell

A Personal Special Award to

Haydn Wood

The Year’s Most Effective Musical Play Score

Salad Days – WINNER
Written by Dorothy Reynolds and Julian Slade
Published by Francis, Day & Hunter

The Water Gipsies
Written by Vivian Ellis and A.P. Herbert
Published by Chappell

The Year’s Outstanding ‘Swing’ Composition

Big City Suite – WINNER
Written by Ralph Dollimore
Published by Mills Music

Fanfare Boogie
Written by Max Kaye and Brian Fahey
Published by Berry Music

The Year’s Outstanding Piece of Light Orchestral Music

John and Julie
Written by Philip Green
Published by David Toff

The Dam Busters – WINNER
Written by Eric Coates
Published by Chappell

Outstanding Services in the Field of Popular Music

Jack Payne

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